God at the Center

God has called us to a joyful and victorious life in Him. While there’s no formula that delivers the ultimate faith-filled life, He has given us ways to daily strengthen our faith. Activities like talking with Him in prayer, reading the Bible, and serving Him and others lead us one step at a time into a deeper relationship. In God at the Center: Habits for Spiritual Growth, Luis Palau outlines clear steps we can take to build the fundamentals of faith to spiritual maturity.

Contents include:

  1. Talking with God in Prayer
  2. Reading God’s Book
  3. Cultivating Dependence on God
  4. Practicing Obedience to God
  5. Serving God and Others
  6. Becoming God’s Ambassador


Luis Palau is the author of more than 40 books, host of three international radio programs, and head of the Luis Palau Evangelistic Association. Luis has ministered in more than 70 nations and has reached more than one billion people through television, radio, print, and live events.

  1. Ssujatha

    This book is very nice and more practical . I am really blessed

  2. Adeleke John

    Itz touching…..GOD bless you

  3. Aboki Theophilus

    A wonderful resource for christian growth
    Thank for the good work

  4. Scott Mccormack

    Thank you for the daily bread and web site.Love Scott

  5. Don Luck

    Daily Bread sustains my walk daily thank you

  6. Jeanette Petitti

    My nephew is 8 years old and just gave his heart to the Lord on Sunday. Do you have Our Daily Bread for children? or any daily devotional for children? I read it every day and really don’t want to live with it. I make it part off my daily routine.

  7. katrina shepherd

    i love the story of the dad starting the day with a ch. of proverbs every morning to match the days of the month,

  8. William Dinger

    I hand out Tracks where I go on a daily basics, I find the Daily Bread is a good book that most people have heard about, but, don’t receive it regularly. I ordered “God At The Center” book, and I gave them out to our Church Members, the Pastors Wife ask if she could get a few extras. This little book seems to be a wonderful gift to hand out. Thank you for the wonderful tools to introduce people to Jesus Christ, and building Faith.

  9. Yemi Onafeko

    Tremendously, the Daily Bread has persistently improve my internal dialogue on a daily bases since the past 15yrs of subscription. You don’t a lot of books for your transformation and relationship in your journey with Christ, meditating on recommended verses and bible for a day will substantially sustain you. I recommend for my church group, family and friends.

    Yemi Onafeko

  10. Jane Marindich

    Thank you for the daily devotion. It has nourished my day to day growth in Christ. Its my desire to have God as the centre of everything.

  11. Aleye Ethagbe

    Our Daily Bread has been a blessing to me each day and to those around me. God bless

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