Following Jesus: Relationship or Religion?

Is there a difference between “doing for Jesus” and “following Jesus”? While religious activities like attending church, giving money, and praying are all worthwhile, they should be done from a heart of thankfulness for what Christ did for you. He loves a broken heart who wants to serve Him rather than someone who is busy doing the “right things.” Without Jesus at the center, it’s all superficial. Understand the difference between religion and relationship so you can please God and find joy in your life.


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  1. syntrella gavins

    Hello i’m ordering these booklets for the church out reach. My wife and i have made donations befor and will make more but we dont like to put credit card mumbers on the internet. Thank You.

    1. Our Daily Bread


      You may call our Ministry Services department and they would be happy to place that order for you. Their phone number is:


      Thank you,
      Discovery Series

  2. Sylvia Lafond

    Could you please tell me how I may obtain
    “The Lord Is My Shepherd” (HP 952)
    “Psalm 23: The Song Of A Passionate Heart”?
    Thank you so very much~

  3. John C. Beck

    I Already Get The Daily Bread & other Info On My Email, Just Found This Site Tonite, What A JOY.. I Get 25 Daily Breads For Our Little Church, “Florida Town Baptist “& We Ran Out SO I Sent A note by mail To send Me 15 more. I am so glad I found this site & got A phone #I Do Send A Donation. In …MY GOG CONTINUE TO BLESS THE WORK OF ‘GUIDEPOSTS’ 7 IT’S MINISTRY..

  4. Susan Antrobus


    I live in the UK and want to order a booklet but it won’t let me.
    Is there no shipping outside of the US?
    Why can’t anyone in the UK order a booklet?

    1. Our Daily Bread

      Hi Susan,
      We have an office in the UK that would be happy to assist you in ordering product. You may contact them via phone at 44+0-15395-64149 or email at UK@ODB.ORG. Blessings!

  5. Jared

    Do these cost anything?? Because I never saw a price listed.

    1. Our Daily Bread

      Hello Jared,
      There is no cost or obligation for the Discovery Series booklets! Our Daily Bread Ministries is funded by freewill donations.
      If you would like some assistance in ordering these, please call our Ministry Services department at 616-974-2210 between 8:30 am – 5:30 pm EST.

  6. Yolanda Mañalac

    I am yolanda mañalac an elder at the Jesus Christ End Time Army Ministry. Our church is located at Malabon City, Philippines. We have two cell group bible study (separate boys from girls) every week in our home and there are about 20-25 attendees. I would like to make this request to have free copies of your booklet and other reading materials for their spiritual growth and benefit. I used to buy several copies of your booklet and it has helped and blessed me much. The extra copies I sent to others as gifts. However, I have already retired from work as a government employee and has no other means to continue patronizing your books especially for sharing to others, hence this request. Thank you very much and our good Lord bless you more and more.

    1. Our Daily Bread

      Hi Yolanda,
      We would be happy to send you some resources! Please contact our office in the Philippines by email or by phone (+63-2) 705 1355.