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Moving Mountains: The Practice of Persistent Prayer

Discover how you can practice the prayer of faith—how you can petition God and anticipate that the miraculous is possible.

Missing the Mission? Disciples in an Age of Abundance

This booklet awakens us to our own desires for comfort and assures us that Jesus is the only source of true contentment for everyone.

Finding Peace in a Troubled World

Find peace that calms hearts, nurtures souls, and strengthens relationships, when you put your trust in Jesus.

Compassion: Learning to Love Like Jesus

Be reminded of Christ’s example of “all-inclusive compassion” and discover how you can become a channel through which God’s love flows without limits.

God With Us

No matter what you face in life, the decisions you make determine the course of your journey. Where can you find clear direction to help you make wise choices? In God With Us, author Alice Mathews examines the decisions made by Eve and Mary that continue to impact the world from generation to generation. Discover from their stories how you can…

God at the Center

God has called us to a joyful and victorious life in Him. While there’s no formula that delivers the ultimate faith-filled life, He has given us ways to daily strengthen our faith. Activities like talking with Him in prayer, reading the Bible, and serving Him and others lead us one step at a time into a deeper relationship. In God…

Being Jesus Online

Jesus wants to be the God of all areas of our lives, including how we communicate in the digital realm. Being Jesus Online offers some practical insights for digital discernment.

Hope: Choosing Faith Instead of Fear

Discover how you can strengthen your faith and trust in God, even in the midst of challenging times.

Transformed in His Image

In a society that has seemingly dismissed the issues of the heart, outward appearances have become the source of determining beauty and self-worth. This excerpt from Regina Franklin’s book Who Calls Me Beautiful? offers insights to help you recognize the value of your identity in God. Discover how you can get your heart in the right place, display an attitude that…

Discipled by Jesus: Mary Magdalene's Walk of Faith

Gain insights from Mary Magdalene’s encounter with Jesus to help you strengthen your faith and align your priorities with God’s will.

Living an Authentic Christian Life

Discover how you can live in total dependence on God and truly display His glory to others.

Joseph: Overcoming Life’s Challenges

Find out how you can respond with faith, hope, and confidence, when life seems unfair.

Mary & Martha: Balancing Life’s Priorities

Find timeless wisdom on balancing life's priorities.

Moses: His Anger And What It Cost Him

Discover elements of character that can help you respond to challenges in a Christlike way.

The Mind Of Christ

Discover how you can live a joy-filled life, when you take on a humble, obedient, and patient attitude.

The Lord Is My Shepherd

Finding your way through life can be easier when you have the right One leading the way. In this excerpt of Every Day is a New Shade of Blue: Comfort for Dark Days from Psalm 23, author David Roper takes a closer look at the relationship between the Shepherd and the sheep expressed throughout Scripture. Gain insight from the lives…

Ruth & Hannah: Learning To Walk By Faith

Discover how you can move forward by faith and experience God's peace in the midst of difficult times.

Finishing Well: Gracefully Living With Life’s Changes

Discover how you can leave a legacy that glorifies God.

Eve & Rahab: Learning To Make Better Choices

Gain insight and wisdom from the Word that will help you to make better choices in your life.

David & Manasseh: Overcoming Failure

Find out how you can move beyond failures in life.

Dangerous Decisions: Learning From The Mistakes Of Lot & Achan

Find out how you can make wise choices during critical times.

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