Christian Beliefs

Filled With the Spirit

Find sound, practical answers to the questions you have about the Holy Spirit.

Following Jesus: Relationship or Religion?

Is there a difference between “doing for Jesus” and “following Jesus”? Understand the difference between religion and relationship.

Grace: Accepting God's Gift to You

Ephesians 2 uses the phrase “dead in your sins.” But what does that really mean? Dead means lifeless, powerless, inanimate. It means we were incapable of doing anything to change our situation. But God is loving and merciful, and He chose to give us new life. That’s the beauty of His grace—we’ve done nothing to deserve it. He simply gives it to…

The Forgiveness Of God

Discover how God's forgiveness can lift the burden of guilt and shame.

God is Love: Reflections on the Character of God

Love can mean different things to different people depending on their situation. That’s why Oswald Chambers reminds us to turn to Scripture to find the only true, pure form of love there is—God’s love. His love is perfect and powerful, holy and healing. We can’t even begin to comprehend it apart from His Word. God Is Love leads you to a…

A Rumor of Hope: The Good News of Easter

Is it really true? Did Jesus willingly die a horrible death on a cross and then come back to life? The idea seems impossible for our human minds to comprehend, yet the gospel message isn’t complete without both a brutal sacrifice and beautiful resurrection. A Rumor of Hope: The Good News of Easter walks you through the crucifixion and resurrection from…

The Promises of God

Time and time again in the Bible we see where God is faithful to His promises. They are the heart of the Bible and actually reveal His good, merciful, and trustworthy character. Explore both His conditional and unconditional promises, and know that His promises are perfect even when we don’t completely understand them. In The Promises of God, you’ll see…

What If It's True?

It’s the great debate: Is there a God or not? Let’s take it one step further and ask, “Is Jesus really God?” There’s a lot riding on the answer. It only makes sense to keep an open mind while figuring out the dilemma. Looking at the facts in Scripture as well as stories from contemporary lives, What If It’s True?…

Life to Come

Ponder the life-giving and life-changing hope that can dismiss the fear of death and give assurance of the indescribable glory that is to come in Life to Come: The Hope of the Christian Faith.

Beyond Reasonable Doubt

Many people find it difficult to wrap their minds around the compatibility of science and the miracles recorded in the Bible. However, science and the Bible are not in conflict. They can both be trusted to tell us truths about different things. In this booklet, author Dennis Moles presents increasing evidence to support the reliability of the Bible and its…

The Trinity

Find out why God wants to bless you and how you can receive His promises.

Is Jesus God?

Take a deeper look at Jesus—who the Bible says He is and why it's important for you to know Him.

The Mockery and Majesty of the Cross

Understand how suffering can become greater moments for God's glory, as you examine Jesus' humiliating, yet glorious sacrifice on the cross.

The Amazing Names of the Messiah

Gain a deeper understanding of who God is and why He deserves your trust.

Baptism: What Can We Agree On?

Gain clarity on the importance of baptism today and what can be agreed upon by all who practice it.

The Surprising Side Of God

Discover how you can expand your outlook to see the excitement of God's revelation of Himself in Christ.

Questions Skeptics Ask About The God Of The Old Testament

Find help to answer questions that have troubled many people.

Do Christians Believe In Three Gods?

Understand what the Bible teaches about the trinity.

Why We Believe: Evidences For Christian Faith

Find out how you can effectively share the message of God's love to nonbelievers.

What About Those Who Have Never Heard?

Increase your understanding of how God reveals Himself to the world.

What We Believe

Build a strong foundation of truth with ten basic principles of the Christian faith.

How Can I Know God Through His Book?

Enhance your knowledge of God's nature and character through a study of His book—the Bible.

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