Biblical Studies

The Lands of the Bible: Places That Shape Scripture

Discover how you can practice the prayer of faith—how you can petition God and anticipate that the miraculous is possible.

The Power of the Cross

Bill Crowder presents the centurion’s perspective on the crucifixion of Christ to encourage a deeper understanding of its significance and power to change lives.

Understanding the Bible: The Pentateuch

Understanding the Bible: The Pentateuch examines the first five books of the Old Testament to help you renew your passion for God and His Word and to grow deeper into the depths of His love.

Mystery of the Manger

Explore how the books of Matthew and Luke deepen and illuminate the mystery of God in the manger.

Grace: Accepting God's Gift to You

Ephesians 2 uses the phrase “dead in your sins.” But what does that really mean? Dead means lifeless, powerless, inanimate. It means we were incapable of doing anything to change our situation. But God is loving and merciful, and He chose to give us new life. That’s the beauty of His grace—we’ve done nothing to deserve it. He simply gives it to…

The Promises of God

Time and time again in the Bible we see where God is faithful to His promises. They are the heart of the Bible and actually reveal His good, merciful, and trustworthy character. Explore both His conditional and unconditional promises, and know that His promises are perfect even when we don’t completely understand them. In The Promises of God, you’ll see…

Live Free

There’s often confusion on what the fruit of the Spirit is and is not. Live Free examines these questions and encourages us to cultivate good fruit.

God in the Stable

Take time to ponder the God of creation humbling Himself in the form of a human baby—not only to relate to us, but ultimately to save us.

A Message for All Time

Many people read the Bible, but at the same time many people struggle with understanding and applying its ideas and messages to everyday life. In the excerpt from his book Applying the Bible, Jack Kuhatschek offers a guide to reading Scripture and grasping its truths. Taking a closer look at some of the most common difficulties, he provides tools to…

The Real Gift of Christmas

The Christmas scene is anything but ordinary. “What happened at the manger wasn’t designed to put me in ‘the holiday mood,’” writes Dan Schaeffer. “It was intended to shake me to the roots of my soul.” In this excerpt from his book In Search of the Real Spirit of Christmas, Dan Schaeffer helps us see beyond the holiday traditions to…

The Call of Wisdom

“Wisdom, as described throughout the book of Proverbs, is about making wise decisions in the thick of life,” writes author Alice Mathews. Through a verse-by-verse examination of Proverbs 31:10-31, she shares the characteristics of wisdom. Encouraging all of us to respond to the voice of God, Mathews helps us see the value in having the proper perspective on our priorities…

Mary & Joseph: Reflecting On The Wonder Of Christmas

Take a new look at the birth that altered forever the world and its inhabitants.

The Passion Of Christ

Discover how God can work in the midst of life's most challenging circumstances, as you reflect on the final hours before the crucifixion of Christ.

Signs and Wonders

Gain a fresh perspective of God's supernatural power and purpose, as you explore the miracles performed by Jesus.

The Jewish Tradition Of Two Messiahs

Discover similarities and differences that challenge both the Jewish and Christian cultures as they struggle to engage in a more open discussion of Scripture.

The Genesis Account Of Creation: Defusing The Controversy

Discover how you can respect the differences of other Christians, and yet affirm together that the Genesis account of creation is true.

Better Than Gold

Gain a better understanding of the value of God's wisdom in your life.

How Can We Trust A Bible That Tolerated Slavery?

Find evidence of God's character toward mankind, the freedom He gives through His Son Jesus Christ, and the authority of His Word.

The Holidays Of God: The Fall Feasts

Get an exciting perspective of the work of Christ as the Messiah in this study of the feasts of Trumpets, Atonement, and Tabernacles.

The Holidays Of God: The Spring Feasts

Get an exciting perspective of the work of Christ as the Messiah in this study of the feasts of Passover, Unleavened Bread, Firstfruits, and Pentecost.

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