Things to Keep in Mind

We need wisdom to live well in a difficult world.

According to the books of Proverbs, Job, and Ecclesiastes, wisdom begins with the “fear of the Lord.” We must learn that we are not the center of the universe, but are God’s creatures. We are most free when we submit ourselves to him in humility in our daily lives, our everyday and important decisions, and even as we suffer.

And though we can learn how to live in a way that promotes flourishing, the books of Job and Ecclesiastes are careful to remind us that there are no guarantees. Life in a fallen world is difficult and we may suffer even though we don’t deserve it. Still, we are invited to trust God even when we don’t have all the answers.

Finally and most importantly, to know true wisdom, we look at Jesus who is the very “wisdom from God” (1 corinthians 1:30). We should deepen our relationship with him through prayer and through listening to his teaching from the whole of Scriptures!

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