Transformed in His Image

A quick internet search for “women + beauty” results in nearly 2 billion entries! Magazine covers, billboards, shopping malls, and television ads also shout the message that physical beauty is the most important thing in life. And we believe it! The temptation to try the latest product that promises to lift, shape, slim, or otherwise fix us is always there.

Men are not exempt. They too buy into the myth that physical appearance is the most important measurement of a person, which means buying the latest clothes, trying the newest exercise programs, having just the right style. This enticing lie poisons not only their own self-perceptions but also their view of women.

Author Regina Franklin urges us to see ourselves through God’s eyes and to learn that He longs to restore our fragile self-images, not through miracle creams, gym memberships, tummy tucks, or the latest designer fashions but through God’s unconditional love for us. She urges us toward a new, better definition of true beauty: “I must choose to see myself as God sees me. I must choose to set aside the world’s definition of beauty. Rather than making sure that my hair is in the right place, I ensure that my heart is in the right place. Rather than worrying that my jewelry doesn’t match my outfit, I contemplate whether my attitude matches what I profess to believe. Rather than wondering if others see me as physically beautiful, I focus on whether others see Christ’s spiritual beauty in me. But the process is not without struggle.”

Regina’s honest musings hold wisdom for all of us, male or female, young or old. I hope you will be encouraged as you join her in the journey toward understanding and appreciating the priceless treasure God has placed within each of us.


Carol Holquist, Publisher

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