How do your expectations of God match up to who He really is? Author Bill Crowder helps you discover how you can expand your outlook to see the excitement of God’s revelation of Himself in Christ. You will be encouraged and challenged as you consider a surprisingly different view of God—the One who has promised, in His own time, to wonderfully exceed all of our hopes and dreams.

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  • 12/13/19

    Summary: Bill Crowder’s book revolves around the following 6 statements, which make God surprising to Man: (i) Majesty embracing Commonness (ii) Greatness embracing Insignificance (iii) Wholeness embracing Brokenness (iv) Purpose embracing Waywardness (v) Sufficiency embracing Inadequacy (vi) Purity embracing Sinfulness According to Crowder, commonness, insignificance, brokenness, waywardness, inadequacy and sinfulness are traits inherent in mankind. Through God’s power and sovereignty (i.e. Majesty, Greatness, Wholeness, Purpose, Sufficiency and Purity), believers in Him are delivered from these negative traits. As children of God, we must live as His ambassadors in a needy world. Application: For me, 2019 has been a year of maturing in the knowledge of the True and Living God. Yes, have been surprised by His patience, mercy and kindness, and would like to demonstrate these qualities to those around me in the coming year (i.e. 2020). Reading Bill Crowder’s book has helped me to pause and reflect on my life as a Christian, and would recommend it to anyone who needs to rest in Christ.

  • 8/14/18