Although pastoral ministry can be exciting and rewarding, it can also be a difficult and potentially dangerous calling. In this booklet, author and former pastor Bill Crowder shares the wisdom of 1 Timothy 1:5 along with his own experiences. Gain a fresh perspective on your responsibility to God and your assignment to communicate the message of His awesome love.

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  • 2/13/18

    First of all thank you for this insight into the bare essentials of pastoral missions. While trying to discover my own place in service to God and others, I came across this Discovery series and will revisit this and many other articles as well. Thanks for helping us to understand the need for Gratitude and appreciation for all that is done for us. I will begin now to understand more the sacrifices that my own pastor makes for us and begin to make my prayers for him more focused. So I thank God and praise Him for all who dedicate themselves to His service.

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