Live Free

Harvest season is a time of reward. The countless hours of work, the perspiration, the constant watering, the diligent guarding against threats, and even the dirt under the fingernails all become worthwhile when our gardens, orchards, and vineyards produce their crops.

The lifecycle of the plants in our gardens ensures satisfying and delicious results. But growth in our Christian lives is rarely as dependable and never as predictable as the fruit on our trees or the vegetables in our gardens. Despite the agonizing work and the hours spent trying to cultivate maturity, we often perceive only minor results—or failure.

Paul’s imagery of the fruit of the Spirit describes Christian maturity with a clarity and vividness that makes us want to harvest those sweet juicy fruits. But why does it always seem just out of reach? No matter how hard we try, we never seem to attain the patience we expect or the peace we so desperately want.

What if our effort is the problem? In the pages that follow Dr. Con Campbell offers us a fresh look at the fruit of the Spirit and helps us understand who is responsible for growing it. We hope these ideas encourage you in your pursuit of Christlikeness.

Our Daily Bread Ministries