Discipled by Jesus

I love the stories of Bible characters, especially those people in the Gospels who interacted with Christ when He walked upon the earth. These accounts are rich expressions of grace and mercy, forgiveness and restoration, compassion and correction that have spoken deeply to the hearts of men and women for two millennia. Of all of those stories, however, arguably none tells a tale of such undeniable transformation, strong commitment, and deep devotion as the story of Mary Magdalene.

Her encounter with Jesus can be an example to men and women alike of what it looks like when we respond with our whole hearts to the love of Christ.

In this booklet, excerpted from her book A Woman Jesus Can Teach (Discovery House Publishers), Bible teacher Alice Mathews tells Mary Magdalene’s story in a warm and personal way—as if she were speaking to a women’s Bible conference. Yet it highlights principles vital for both men and women as we examine our own walk with Christ.

We relate to each other better than we relate to abstract concepts, and so the opportunity to see strong biblical values and concerns lived out in the life of a real person living in the real world can become most instructive to us. For that reason we recommend to you this booklet as a look into the heart of a hurting person who found hope and life and peace through the love of Jesus Christ.

Bill Crowder

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