Beyond Reasonable Doubt

Just before I graduated from seminary, I received a phone call from my eighty-year-old grandfather. He had called to congratulate me. He asked about the kids, I asked if he had been fishing, he talked about getting the old boat fixed and in the river, and then the conversation took an unexpected turn. “Son (my grandfather calls me son), I need to ask you a question. I’ve just been wondering for all of my life, and never knew anyone to ask . . . son, can I trust my Bible? I mean, is my Bible, the one I read in English, saying the same thing that the original Bible said?”

When we hung up the phone that day my grandfather wasn’t a better Christian because of our conversation. Nor was he free from every doubt or question he ever had about God, Jesus, or the Bible. But he was more informed about one important issue related to his faith. This brief booklet may not answer every question or doubt you have about the Bible, but it is written with the hope that as you read you will, as my grandfather did, see that the Bible is trustworthy.


Dennis Moles

Our Daily Bread Ministries