Chapter 6

God's Divine Support

The fifth truth we can affirm in difficult times is the reality of God’s divine support. In 2 Corinthians 12:7-9, Paul tells of his struggles with a thorn in the flesh. He prayed three times to be relieved from it, but to no avail. So he submitted to the lifelong affliction and, with a positive spirit, resolved to let God’s strength be made strong in his weakness, discovering that God’s grace was sufficient to support him through the trial.

In my many years in the pastorate, I have stood by people who have endured phenomenal suffering and trouble. And I have to tell you, a lot of times I walk away and say, “I can’t believe how well they’re doing.” I think if that were me, I would be a basket case. Then I hear Paul’s confidence ringing in my heart, “God’s grace is sufficient.” Like the everlasting arms, God’s grace comes under us and wraps around us. It overtakes us, and we are supported.

His grace is His unmerited help to us. In trouble, it will be there. How much? Is there a problem that is bigger than the reservoir of God’s grace? The answer is no. That’s why Paul said, “[God’s] grace is sufficient” (12:9).