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Navigating The Storms Of Life

Discover how God can be your constant point of reference as you journey through life.

Why Doesn't God Answer Me?

If you are struggling with feelings of doubt and disappointment with God, Psalm 77 reminds you who God is and how you can trust Him.

The Strength of Weakness

So often we spend time trying to either overcome or hide our weaknesses. But what if our weaknesses are the very places God wants to display His power in our lives? “It is only in Scripture that we are encouraged to embrace our weaknesses and through them experience a power that we could never know otherwise,” writes author Dan Schaeffer.…

Let's Pray

As much as we want to talk to God, sometimes it’s difficult to find words that express the emotions of our hearts. In this excerpt from his book Praying the Prayers of the Bible, author James Banks shares prayers from biblical characters to show us how we can use God’s own Word to talk to Him through every season of…

Know the Enemy

“When a person means to do you harm, understanding that person’s identity, appearance, whereabouts, modus operandi, intentions, and skills are things you must know,” writes Greg Dutcher.

This excerpt from Dutcher’s book Living Free in Enemy Territory helps prepare us to battle the ultimate Enemy of all believers. We are reminded that Satan is not free to do as he pleases,…

Jesus’ Blueprint For Prayer

Gain a better understanding of how God wants you to pray, with practical and insightful treatment of "The Lord's Prayer."

In His Presence

Take a fresh look at your quiet time as an opportunity to reconnect with God.

Real Love

Discover how you can experience real love that endures all things.

What Does The Bible Say About Patience?

Discover how you can faithfully move forward in difficult times with a good attitude.

John The Baptizer

Find out how you can experience true greatness when you become faithful to the message and mission of Jesus Christ.

Elijah: An Ordinary Man In Extraordinary Times

Discover how an extraordinary God can use an ordinary you to accomplish great things for His glory.

Avoiding The Dangers Of Superficial Forgiveness

Examine the biblical model of forgiveness to help you avoid making a bad situation worse.

Why Would Anyone Want To Be Holy?

Gain insight to valuable instruction for the right pursuit of holiness.

Free In The Spirit

Experience the freedom to fully enjoy all that you have in Christ.