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God Has a Plan

Life can seem terribly unfair, even downright cruel. You may be in a rough place due to your own actions or because of circumstances beyond your control.  Either way, God still holds your life in His hands and has a plan for you. Michael Swiger found this to be true during his decade and a half of incarceration and beyond.…

Truth with Love

“Sharing the gospel is the most important conversation we can have with someone.” But sometimes talking with people of other faiths can be challenging.

How Can I Break the Silence?

Some Christians struggle with finding the right words to say when facing an opportunity to share the Gospel. Herb Vander Lugt takes a closer look at the early Christian church in the book of Acts and offers a fresh perspective on effective strategies for witnessing. Gain a better understanding of friendship evangelism and discover how you can lead others to…

How Can I Share My Faith Without An Argument?

Gain a better understanding of God's direction and your part in reaching people for Christ.

The Failure Of Success

Discover how you can effectively share with others the mercy God has granted you.