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Citizens of the Kingdom

Understanding how to balance earthly and heavenly citizenship without compromising accountability to God has been an issue for many Christians since the beginning of human government. Citizens of the Kingdom shares historical perspectives and wisdom from the Word to help you recognize what belongs to God and what He has entrusted to government. Discover how you can pray for persons in…

All Creation Sings

During his many years of missionary work in India, Dr. Paul Brand developed a great appreciation for the natural world and its magnificent Creator. In this booklet, he shows how the soil under our feet can teach us many things about the soil of our hearts. Challenging us to see who we are as children of God through the beauty…

Studies In Contrast: Resolving Alleged Contradictions In The Bible

Expand your knowledge of the overall unity, consistency, and reliability of the Bible.

Why Israel Can’t Be Ignored

Gain a better understanding of God’s protection for His chosen people and their mission to reveal to the world the God of all creation.

C.S. Lewis: The Story Of A Converted Mind

Find out how God can transform your imagination, mind, conscience, and expectations and give you a new perspective on life.

Right & Wrong: A Case For Moral Absolutes

Get the biblical perspective of right and wrong to help you survive in a society of changing values.

Spiritual Living In A Secular Culture

Discover how you can use the darkness of your challenges as an opportunity to reflect the light of God.

Windows On The World: A Comparison Of Major Worldviews

Take a closer look at seven major worldviews and how each one attempts to answer some of life's basic questions.

Violence: Why It Happens

Understand the root and nature of violence, as well as biblical reasons for hope in a world where violence is on the rise.

They Called Me Christ Killer

Gain clarity on what may be misunderstood between the Jewish and the Christian communities regarding the crucifixion of Christ.

Narnia: The Story Behind The Stories

Examine the many spiritual parallels to the story of the Bible.

How To Identify A Dangerous Religious Group

Gain insight from the experience of someone who has been delivered from the darkness and fear of spiritual abuse.

The Da Vinci Code: Separating Fact From Fiction

Find out how you can sort fact from fiction with biblical truths.

Celebrating The Wonder Of The Wilderness

Discover God's glory in the wild places of the earth.

Celebrating The Wonder Of Soil

Take a deeper look into the nature and significance of the soil.

Celebrating The Wonder Of Water

Gain a deeper appreciation for God's presence in nature and your responsibility as a steward over His creation.

Celebrating The Wonder Of Creation

Gain a better understanding of the importance of faithful stewardship over your body and the world around you.

Are We Alone In The Cosmos?

Find out what the Bible has to say about extraterrestrial life and the challenges of the universe.

Celebrating The Wonder Of A Tree

From Genesis to Revelation, you'll find stories of trees that define the spiritual nature of our existence and ultimate survival.

AIDS: Finding Hope And Compassion

Gain insight and knowledge to help you respond to this epidemic with the compassionate spirit of Christ.

Questions Skeptics Ask About Messianic Prophecy

Understand the fulfillment of messianic prophecy through the life of Jesus Christ.

Do You Believe In Magic? Interacting With The Spirit World

Go beyond the world of make-believe stories, and examine the occult and the real dangers of interacting with the spirit world.