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The Heart Of Effective Ministry

Gain a fresh perspective on your role as a pastor and your assignment to communicate the message of God's awesome love.

How To Have A Revival

Find out how you can experience a personal refreshing of God's blessing, peace, and power.

Your Pastor And You

Find out how you can support and encourage your pastor and be a blessing to the church.

The Danger of False Teachers

Find out how you can identify wrong thinking and protect yourself and others from spiritual danger.

Life-Changing Messages From The Risen Lord

Hear the message of God's Spirit speak powerfully to your hopes, fears, and deepest needs, in this study of Revelation 2-3.

Developing The Art Of Gracious Disagreement: Surviving Church Conflict

Discover how you can develop an attitude of grace in responding to friction, discord, and conflict within the church.

The Church We Need

Gain a better understanding of the purpose of the church and how you can find the one that meets your needs.