Jennifer Hunter

Born in the Nate Saint Hospital on the edges of Ecuador’s Rain Forest, Jennifer spent her childhood dreaming up stories in the Andes Mountains. As a missionary kid, “MK,” she was quickly drawn into the love of Christ by her parents’ examples of compassion. Life visiting Quichua churches, helping feed neighbors’ animals, and later teaching children’s programs and volunteering at Children’s Homes formed her childhood. Pulled into a love of books, writing and all things story, Jennifer double majored at Cornerstone University in Bible and Creative Writing. Two years out of school, and a glutton for punishment, she has returned for a Masters in Counseling at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary where she is learning the balance of full-time employment and part-time study. Dreams still a key part of her identity, Jennifer’s favorite time of most months comes when she and her roommate escape into Michigan woods and spend the night in hammocks.

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