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When God Says No

Broken dreams can bring disappointment and suffering, yet God can use these times in the wilderness to humble our hearts and delight us with new beginnings.

When Tears Remain

Sooner or later, grief touches us all. In 2006 it pierced Luke and Jodi Veldt with the sudden death of their 13-year-old daughter. The loss shook his faith, yet drove Luke to the Scriptures for answers. This excerpt from Written in Tears and the material from counselor Jeff Olson share comfort and wisdom for grieving hearts from Psalm 103. The honest…

Beyond Reasonable Doubt: The Truth About the Bible

Many people find it difficult to wrap their minds around the compatibility of science and the miracles recorded in the Bible. However, science and the Bible are not in conflict. They can both be trusted to tell us truths about different things. In this booklet, author Dennis Moles presents increasing evidence to support the reliability of the Bible and its…

Change: Following God Through Life's Crossroads

No matter how you view change, it’s an inevitable part of life—you can’t experience anything new without it. In Change: Following God through Life’s Crossroads, Bill Crowder examines the life of the apostle Paul and offers insights to help you overcome fears, doubts, and resistance to change. Discover how you can draw closer to God and experience His peace, follow…

Finding Hope in a Hopeless World

Discover how you can strengthen your faith and trust in God, even in the midst of challenging times.

When God Isn't Answering Your Prayer: Psalm 77

Gain insights from Psalm 77 to help you better understand God’s times of silence.

It's Not Fair

Find answers to restore your confidence in God, with this study of Psalm 73.

Why Christians Doubt?

Discover how you can regain your trust in God.

The Da Vinci Code: Separating Fact From Fiction

Find out how you can sort fact from fiction with biblical truths.

When We Don’t Measure Up: Escaping The Grip Of Guilt

Discover how you can experience freedom from the exhausting grip of guilt.