When We Love Too Much: Escaping The Control Of Codependency

Years ago, the term codependency was associated with family members of chemically addicted people. Today, it is applied to a much broader group—those who struggle with controlling others or being controlled by others. In this booklet, counselor Jeff Olson helps you discover how you can be free from the stresses and anxieties of codependency and how to get on the path to a better way of living with God and others.

  1. sheronw

    I would like to order 60-75 copies of this booklet (When We Love Too Much). It seems the order form limits me to 25. Could you please help me place a larger order than that?
    Thank you so very much!

    1. discoveryseries

      Hi, Sheron–We’d love to place that order for you. Can you give us a call? 616-974-2210

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