When Anger Burns

Anger is one of the most powerful emotions—it can be productive and loving, as well as destructive and selfish. In this booklet, counselor Tim Jackson offers help through the wisdom of Scripture to those who are struggling with issues of anger. Find out how you can get to the root of your anger and take on the qualities of patient restraint when you place your anger under God’s management.

  1. Carlos

    Our bible groip topic was about this topic.Today’s reading has confirmed that we are at a battle with our sins and if we let God do his santifying work by the Spirit and with his power we have victory.

  2. Mike Wild

    I must first acknowledge Jesus, Praise be to his holy name. Thank you for your insights and the wisdom, you folks share. I know that all glory goes to our Lord and Savior, Jesus. He is soooo good to me. I am spoiled rotten, with his Love. Thank you for your efforts and sacrifices, in putting His Word to us in such a loving mannor. Thank You, in Jesus mighty name.

  3. Berenice Ibarra

    I saw this on Facebook and it seems really interesting. I pray that it will help me to get rid of all this anger I have carried it with me for a long time. Thanks and God bless!!

  4. Virginia Gail Cozart

    A must read.

  5. dorothyfrank

    Have been a reader for forty some year’s
    of Deaily Bread

  6. Larry Campbell


  7. Laura Holland

    I really need this for myself and my 10 year old son.

  8. Cheryl Rasper

    I read about this site in The Daily Bread today

  9. Cheryl Rasper

    I read about this site in the Daily Bread devotion today

  10. Dawn sam

    I pray that the great Lord takes away my anger

  11. James obleanis

    Anger hurts every one.Thank you God, for being with me in my time of anger thoughs.

  12. anita abena gyebi

    I thank God ,for such a powerful teaching, it is really going reshape my life

  13. lizzy udoh

    We only know we have anger when occasion brings it out. May God help me to imbibe this teaching and not only a forgetful hearer deceiving myself. His grace is sufficient to us all.

  14. hsnpoor

    Thank you for this resource. Talk about putting the problem in perspective and pouring God’s wisdom all over it! I am so appreciative for all you do, ODB! Thank you!

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