The Lord Is My Shepherd

Finding your way through life can be easier when you have the right One leading the way. In this excerpt of Every Day is a New Shade of Blue: Comfort for Dark Days from Psalm 23, author David Roper takes a closer look at the relationship between the Shepherd and the sheep expressed throughout Scripture. Gain insight from the lives of David, Isaiah, and others who found hope, encouragement, and rest under the watchful care of God.

Contents include:

  1. Who is God?
  2. Rest and Renewal
  3. Time Alone with God
  4. Listening to God
  5. Responding to God


David H. Roper was a pastor for more than 30 years and now directs Idaho Mountain Ministries, a retreat dedicated to the encouragement of pastoral couples. He enjoys fishing, hiking, and being streamside with his wife, Carolyn.


  1. Vickie Mitchell

    I have distributed, read and taught from the Daily Bread at least 40 years of my life; from New Mexico, Texas and California. I live to hear from God via this book as well as other devotions including one that I also wrote and published. I was sorry that I could only get 2 copies of this series. On occasions I have ordered several but they are during certain offers. I will send donation soon. I am interested in any of your series as I give them to prison inmates all my neighbors at leastc20 and to at least three churches. They are well circulated. Thank you for being a blessing. Vickie Mitchell

    1. discoveryseries

      Hi, Vickie–You can order multiples of these booklets by giving us a call (1-616-974-2210). Thanks for reading and spreading His Word!

  2. Pius Mensah

    This devotional is helping me daily and my friends as well.


    I am greatly encouraged by the insights that reading your series provides. Thanks.

  4. Mary jefferson

    I. Read the Our Daily Bread is my life with out it my day will not be ai peace.

  5. Sandralee

    Daily bread word has been my breakfast each morning, without it I’m really empty but gain strength each . Thanks

  6. connie wilder

    I am grateful for God’s Word. I am at a crossroad with my mothers health and I do not know what to do. I have to make a decision. Please pray for my mother. Thank you

    1. Kay

      I am praying for u both.

  7. Eze Stephen Ewa

    Hello great people of God I am very glad to you all your daily bread have been so helpful to me in my life,I thank god so much

  8. Pat and Peter Jernberg

    My husband and I will soon celebrate 49 years of marriage. Daily Bread has been a huge part of our daily quiet time for almost that long. We are both so very grateful for your wonderful ministry. It has truly blessed our home.

  9. Daniel

    I just wanna thank God for shining his light on my dear Church family & friends. God bless!!!

  10. Brenda Jones

    I start my day by reading the Daily Bread. It is so inspiring and informational. I feel at peace and seek the Lord, loving how He knows what my heart and life needs each day. I love praising my Lord, my Abba Father, Jesus my Savior and Lord and see how the power of the Holy Spirit works in my life.

  11. Vickie Hollis


  12. Sarita gramby

    I am truly blessed in reading the daily bread every day, it gives me strength to pass on to others that have a hard time in their lives. Thank you

  13. Gloria Wilkins

    I’m a devoted reader, Daily Bread strengthens me, it just makes my day. Thank You,

  14. Gloria Wilkins

    I’m a devoted reader of Our Daily Bread, You make everyday a blessed day. I’ll continue to be loyal to your devotional readings, Thank you

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