Out of the Ashes

During hardship and trouble, tough questions often arise: Where is God? How do I respond to difficulties? Is God both good and all-powerful? In the Discovery Series booklet Out of the Ashes by Bill Crowder, you’ll explore Job’s struggle with the problem of suffering. Through Job’s story, discover how you can trust God despite unanswered questions and gain a fresh perspective on the cross as God’s answer to suffering.

Contents Include:

  1. Hard Questions, Elusive Answers
  2. A Heart Torn in Pieces
  3. A War on Two Fronts
  4. A Wisdom Gained through Pain
  5. Life Lessons


Bill Crowder joined the Our Daily Bread Ministries staff after more than 20 years in the pastorate. Bill works closely with Mart DeHaan as vice president of teaching content. Bill is heard regularly on the Discover the Word radio program and spends much of his time in a Bible-teaching ministry for Christian leaders around the world.

  1. Suzanne White

    I give your booklet Out of the Ashes by Bill Crowder to each individual who comes to a grief group I lead at Calvary Chapel Ontario. It ministered to me greatly when I lost my son and I want to share it with others. Thank you for making it available.

  2. Denise Davis

    I’m enjoying the reading

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