Filled With the Spirit

Being “filled with the Spirit” can have different meanings to different people. It’s important to first turn to Scripture to understand who the Holy Spirit is and how He works. When we submit ourselves to Him, we are asking Him to take control or “fill us” so that our thoughts and actions are in line with what God wants. Herb Vander Lugt explains what the Spirit-filled life looks like and how we can experience it to the fullest.   

  1. Lorraine Franklin

    This book has helped me so much. Very informative Thank you.

  2. Yvonne Ottley

    I have friends who would like to know how or what they must do to be filled with the Holy Spirit speaking in tongues. They have been praying and they have not spoken in tongues, so maybe this booklet will help them to understand what they must do.
    Thank you.

  3. carlos r. medina

    I enjoyed reading filled with spirit thank you .

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